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Between 2009 and 2016 I lived in France renovating older properties and running a smallholding.  I now live in Ross-on-Wye, where I have a much smaller place to look after, so I have the time to explore this wonderful part of the country.

As often as I can, I attend accredited courses to further my knowledge and skills.  So far I have completed:

Conservation masonry (SNVQ levels 1, 2, and 3) at the Scottish Lime Centre.

I have completed a course on the use of hot-mix lime, also at the Scottish Lime Centre.

I was a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, but decided that the membership fee would be better used on tools...

I am interested in using natural materials as much as possible.  These are generally a lot healthier, will not pollute the environment when their time is up, and tend to be much more sympathetic, flexible, simpler to make, and less costly - if something is cheap you can guarantee this is because someone else somewhere else is paying for it.

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