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Repointing.  Hot-mixed mortar colour-matched to blend with cement pointing on left of first picture, large voids pinned with small stones to prevent shrinkage, and then tamped back to consolidate and enhance breathability of mortar.

Sustainable retrofit, lime plastering, Herefordshire

Stone walls and ceiling lined with sheep wool followed by breathable membrane, then wood wool boards, then two coats insulating lime-hemp plaster and finished with two coats of fine finish lime plaster.

Lime plastering, Herefordshire

Walls lime plastered using lime-hemp, then haired lime, finished with fine finish lime plaster.

Stone wall rebuild, lime pointing.

Wall re-build with added rubble stone archway.

Hot lime rag rub and tallow limewash

Hot lime harled wall followed by three coats of hot-mixed, pigmented limewash with added tallow which makes it hydrophobic, shedding water rapidly.

Stone wall repair in Bromyard
Stone wall repair Bromyard

Wall re-building in Bromyard.

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